What is a Lemon?


A Lemon, or Manufacturer Buyback, is a vehicle purchased back from the owner by the manufacturer. 

It is offered as a courtesy or because of a defect, in the interests of customer satisfaction. 

Buybacks always carry the balance of factory warranty and occasionally, extended warranty on the repaired defect.


Myths about Manufacturer Buybacks.


MYTH 1: All buybacks are defective.

FACT: Vehicles are often repurchased in goodwill to maintain a relationship with the customer, not because there is a defect.


MYTH 2: I will buy someone else's headache.  

FACT: The manufacturer is required by law to fully correct any issues before resale.  Each Manufacturer Buyback vehicle is thoroughly inspected, ensuring the original problem has been corrected and the vehicle is in premium condition before being resold.


MYTH 3: Reselling a lemon will be difficult if it's marked on the title.

FACT: The price of a vehicle is determined by its law title.  A lemon law title will attract a discount in your favor at point of purchase and discount in the buyer's favor at point of sale or trade-in.